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At Whispering Pine K9, we strive to be quality over quantity.  We are small, private, family owned and operated.  Each and every day we have your dogs best interest in mind, therefore, we strive to be as "cage" and suite free as we possibly and safely can.  

While we love for all dogs to play together and get along, we know at times, this can be an impossibility.  Like people, there are some humans we get along with and some that we don't.  For the safety of all dogs and peace of mind for our pet parents, play time is one dog to one person ratio unless there are multiple dogs coming in as a family.  Multiple dogs coming in from the same family are permitted to play together. 

Our Boarding is all inclusive meaning we do not charge extra to treat your dog like part of our family.  Free lovins, pats, medication administration, walks, enrichment activities and loads of play time.  Time and safety permitting, we even do our best to text pictures and send updates to your phone.  Who doesn't enjoy seeing their pet while they're away?

dogs enjoying private care in our lobby cage free

We boast a climate control facility that is in a home like setting with several play areas.  We have a Suite Room, Rubber floored large play room, multiple fenced in outdoor private play area and a large lobby set up like home so that your dog is comfortable.  All situated on 7 secluded acres that includes a confidence course, lots of room to run and a pond for swimming.  All supervised of course.

To reserve a boarding stay, book classes, private training & lessons; owners must contact their vet to email us proof that their pet has been fully vaccinated and is current against the following:  Bordetella, Distemper, Influenza, Rabies, Negative Fecal (within the current calendar year) plus be on a monthly flea and tick prevention.  At Whispering Pine K9 we take health and safety seriously.  Any dog displaying illness or fleas will be sent home immediately.  No exceptions!

Secure checkout & booking services
Reservations & Check Out

All services and documents are dealt with electronically.    When you make a reservation, we request a deposit which puts your card on file.  Your card stays on file for that booking, appointment or reservation until the service is completed.   Don't worry, we do not see your card details. This makes checking in and checking out, contact free and easy peasy.  The card you put on file will be automatically charged at the end of service.   If you want to change payment at the end of service, we can accommodate this as well.  We accept all major credit & debit cards. 

We do not however accept cash or checks.

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Dog and cat enjoying each others company
For Your Dogs Boarding Stay

Once we have received vaccination records from your vet and all electronic admission forms have been received, we are now ready to accept your boarding reservation.   


We offer the following boarding options:  Queen, King Standard, King Deluxe Suite and Dakota Kennels located in our Suite Room which boast the sounds of home with fans and TV.  In our play room, dogs are offered Large 6x8 Huts & Dakota Kennels.  There they get fans and are able to listen to dog classical music with the sounds of home.   


For your dogs stay please bring the following. 


🐾 Food that is baggied by serving size.  This ensures your dog is given the correct amount at each feeding. 

🐾 DO NOT bring a bag of dog food.  

🐾 Include a metal food bowl. 

🐾 Provide a properly fitted collar and working leash.


 🐾 If your dog is on medication, it must be provided in the same container given to you by your vet. 


🐾 If you feed supplements, please ensure it too is in the original packaging. 


Also, dogs of the same family we welcome to share a Suite or Hut.  Multi dog discounts are applied.

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