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Grooming, Baths & Self Services

Full Grooming is offered and priced by breed, coat type, coat condition &  temperament.

Face, feet & Fanny Trims


Nail Dremmel & Trim


Dog Wash & Dry

Dog Wash, Dry & Brush


If you are a groomer, you are welcome to reserve time to offer your services to your clients.  You are welcome to use our supplies or bring your own. 

If you are a pet owner and enjoy grooming your own dog, but don't have the space or supplies, you are welcome to reserve.  Bring your own supplies or use ours. 


SELF SERVICE Dog Wash.  Want to wash your dog in private without all the hassles a store may bring.  We welcome you to bring your doggo in by appointment.  

Services are open by reservations on Fridays & Sundays.


Dog getting a bath
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